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Discover and Model

Sketch Your Decision and Drill Down to the Level You Need.

FlexRule Designer is an advanced modeling tool that supports you for different stages of business modeling. It supports Decision Model and Notation  DMN Standard which complements the BPMN process notation.

Diagram your decision with DMN modeller. Decompose your decisions into sub-decision, business knowledge, input data and knowledge source.

FlexRule Designer helps you to run an Impact Analysis and it highlights all the decisions path because of particular changes.

Simply orchestrate and execute your decision model (DMN) and host the decision as a service.

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Capture and Document

Business Rules, Decisions and Business Logic

Decision Tables

FlexRule Designer allows you to capture and model your business rules and decisions in Decision Tables as well as other forms. You can also simply import your existing Spreadsheet documents (e.g. Microsoft Excel, Google Doc…) to FlexRule Designer and start using them.

In the DMN decision table you can use aggregation functions and you simply check the rule overlap and conflicts in a decision table.
When you are ready you can simulate your decision execution by providing data to your decision and check their behaviours.

Custom Attributes

Build and Fill custom attributes related to each element on your DMN model.

Create custom fields, search for values and document the rules and decisions as you always wanted.

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Not Only for Modeling But…

Import, Reuse, Bind, Invoke, Execute, Test…


Reusability is the core foundation of our value proposition. We do not compromise on this.

In our DMN platform, not only we allow the standard reusability structure in DMN i.e. Boxed Expressions to define and bind Literal (constant) expression, Function definition and invocation, and etc. But also we offer more advanced reusable model called Sub-DRD.

Import DMN XML

Use your own DMN modeller and bring it to live with us.

FlexRule Designer allows you to simply choose your DMN XML 1.1 file an import your model to our platform.

We support importing:

  • Decision Table
  • Decision Requirement Diagram
  • Boxed Expressions
  • Application Context Data and Invocations

It’s More Than a Simple Diagramming Tool! It’s a Management Suite.

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