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Information Requirement Diagram – IRD

Information Requirement Diagram, or in short IRD, is unique to FlexRule in that it allows data logic be composed and reused from smaller building blocks (data operators) visually. The Information Requirement Diagram (IRD) is powered by our rich and dynamic monadic operators and places this power in the hands of everyone with a visualization method […]
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Edit Business Rules on Web

Allowing users to edit business rules on the web is important in modern systems. Most of the applications that are built nowadays include some web interface functionality. So in this modern era, from a business agility standpoint, it is critical to let users define business rules and apply new changes on the web without requiring […]
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Boxed Expressions – DMN

Boxed Expressions Overview As we mentioned in our previous post Decision Model and Notation – DMN in DMN the shareable components between Decision Requirement Diagrams (DRD) are either decisions or Sub-DRDs. Now, the challenge is, how we can share our business formulas across different Decision Tables, or any other type of logic? The answer is […]
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New Release: Version 6

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I am very excited to announce that we have released FlexRule Version 6. The purpose of this post is to describe the highlights of this release. Performance: We worked hard to improve the performance of business rules and decisions execution. In Version 6, performance has been improved in several areas and we have managed to […]
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Decision Model and Notation – DMN

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Decision Model and Notation, or DMN, is a novel way to model business decisions. DMN allows the capture and modeling of business decisions in a way that is easy to understand for business people and subject matter experts. It is a combination of the following: Decision Requirement Diagram – DRD Decision Table Boxed Expressions Friendly […]
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