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Modeling Business Decision

Why Modeling Business Decision is Important? Business decisions capture the essence of the business operation. day in, day out, business decisions are made on a large scale, like changing price points, to hundreds or even thousands of operational decisions made on a daily basis, like pre-qualifying a new customer. These are repetitive, operational business decisions. […]
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Decision Centric Automation

In today’s market, most process automation and robotics platforms lack decisions capabilities. Despite the fact that what businesses need today is a Decision Centric Automation. What is a Decision Centric Automation platform and how is it different? Business Decisions There are many routine business decisions that are repetitive and ideal candidates for automation. In so doing, you […]
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Internet of Things

FlexRule has seen an increase in requests to help customers with their Internet of Things (IoT) implementations. This post shares our observations about how to unlock the business value of the IoT. The Internet of Things has been around for a long time. Manufacturers have long used Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems to […]
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Artificial Intelligence for the Real World

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Why Artificial Intelligence (AI) Projects Succeed or Fail? A very interesting article in the Jan-Feb 2018 Harvard Business Review (HBR) is entitled ‘Artificial Intelligence for the Real World’. The authors studied 152 Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects and categorized these into three groups; Robotics and Cognitive Automation (47%) Cognitive Insight (38%) Cognitive Engagement (16%) What resonated […]
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