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Artificial Intelligence for the Real World

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Why Artificial Intelligence (AI) Projects Succeed or Fail? A very interesting article in the Jan-Feb 2018 Harvard Business Review (HBR) is entitled ‘Artificial Intelligence for the Real World’. The authors studied 152 Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects and categorized these into three groups; Robotics and Cognitive Automation (47%) Cognitive Insight (38%) Cognitive Engagement (16%) What resonated […]
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FlexRule at Gartner Symposium 2017

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Serendipity |noun| the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. First of all a big shout out to Gartner at this year’s Symposium Conference for putting up in lights the growing trend of “Process Robotics” and “Robotic Process Automation”. Why? Because at FlexRule this is what we do and […]
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Workflow Task Assignment

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Quick Intro to Workflow Task Assignment Workflows are mostly about enabling human interactions in a business process. One of the ways to enable such interactions is through Task Assignment. A Task is a unit of work that will be accomplished with a Participant. A Task is sometimes manual (e.g., calling someone on the phone, posting a […]
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