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FlexRule Version 2.0.6

New release 2.0.6 is more about workflow engine features. Recently we have released version 2.0.6 of both framework runtime and designer. There is something special about this particular version which is it emphasizes in workflow functionality in FlexRule. In this version at runtime we introduce the new abstract node named GroupNode. This GroupNode enables you […]
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New release 1.6.0

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I am happy to announce that we have released new version (1.6.0) of our business rule engine framework. As you may have read previously we have a big change list on this release and most importantly not we improved the rule execution performance but also we introduce some new features and usability enhancements. Performance improvement […]
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Business Rule Designer Extensions – Part 1

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I am really excited about our new product ‘Rule Designer’, especially version 1.0.26. This is a truly interactive development environment that makes rule design and development much easier. There is no need to worry about dealing with rule languages any more. Our rule designer allows rules to be designed and implemented using visual elements simply […]
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FlexRule Runtime v1.6 + Rule Designer v1.0

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In the recent months we have been too busy with many tasks; Rule designer finalizing Beta testing of designer FlexRule runtime 1.6 performance improvements Small enhancements on runtime Help document of Designer (http://help.flexrule.com/designer) And so many other small issues here and there. The good news is we managed to progress well and in couple of […]
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Performance Improvement

After having a baseline for the Rule Designer ready, now it is time for performance optimization for the next release (R6). In recent weeks, I started working on performance optimization of FlexRule. One of the issues you may face using any Business Rule Engine is performance. The goal for R6 is performance improvement, but what […]
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Rule designer/editor

Recently I have been involved in designing and developing a UI for FlexRule. This application allows people to create rules using drag and drop actions. They can simply drag different elements of the rules and drop them into a document editor, and when they save, the editor generates the rule based on the rule type. […]
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