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Version 4.0 is released

We are very excited to announce version 4.0 of FlexRule is released today. There are big changes in version 4.0 and some of different modules of framework are now officially obsolete. RETE inference engine revamped The big change in version 4.0 is all about our new implementation of RETE engine which is much more intuitive. […]
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Agile methodology and BDD vs Business Agility

A 2006 Gartner report defined Business Agility as an organization’s ability to sense environmental change and respond efficiently and effectively to that change. (1) being able to deploy change in business policies and business rules into day-to-day business activity as fast as business people and Business Analysts can determine the full business impact of the […]
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Time to move on

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I am very excited to announce that we have migrated our old FlexRule website to a brand new one with lots of functionalities and features. Now the new website is your home. The new websites now offers dedicated section for support, FAQ, Forums , Download Library, Online store, Blog and much more… What happens to […]
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In Business Rule Engine Speed Matters

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I am super excited about version 3.X of our product, not only because we managed to put more features and engines into the framework, but also because the amount of positive refactoring applied is amazing. We moved to .NET 4.0 and managed to remove some extra dependencies (e.g., FlexRule.Code.Expr.dll), and we introduced a better API, […]
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