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Last Mile of Analytics

We discussed few of the gaps in Data and Analytics in the real world. The “Last Mile of Analytics” refers to the struggle companies encounter in creating the behavioral changes that create value within organizations, from great analytics outputs. If analytics is not going to change behaviors, why do we do any data and analytics project? […]
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End-to-End Operational Decision Automation

Operational decisions drive the behaviour of business. Therefore, decision-centric organisations will become the front runner of Operational Decision Automation as this becomes a key player in running business efficiently. As we discussed in an earlier post, operational decisions are good candidates for automation, because they are mostly structured and repetitive. They consume data and information and produce […]
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What are Operational Decisions?

Operational decisions are specific business decisions made every day within every business. There are millions of these taken – and thousands of different types. Every day business uses operational decisions to run day-to-day activities using different personnel. Not a day goes by without these types of decision being made in every business. By definition, a […]
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Decision Automation Benefits

One of the main benefits of Decision Automation is a significant improvement in business productivity by using a Decision-Centric Approach. In the first part we discussed the importance of making decisions the front-line focus of day-to-day operations in organizations. In this post we look at the high-level steps required to achieve this outcome. We also […]
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How to become a Decision-Centric Organization? Why should you care?

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Decision-Centric organization have more Opportunities to Improve Operational efficiency using the Decision-Centric Approach While the focus on process, procedural and functional efficiency in every company is very useful, activities that are constrained by these approaches can be highly detrimental to “good business practice”. In a global market that requires agility and rapid response to competitive […]
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Enterprise Automation

Enterprise Automation is the future. Technology that connects different elements in organizations (i.e., people, data, processes, rules, data, technology, etc.) and streamlines processes and decision-making logic will increase organizational efficiency. When considering any type of enterprise automation, the real challenge is to answer a particular question: What is the role of the specific automation project […]
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