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How to become a Decision-Centric Organization? Why should you care?

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Decision-Centric organization have more Opportunities to Improve Operational efficiency using the Decision-Centric Approach While the focus on process, procedural and functional efficiency in every company is very useful, activities that are constrained by these approaches can be highly detrimental to “good business practice”. In a global market that requires agility and rapid response to competitive […]
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Enterprise Automation

Enterprise Automation is the future. Technology that connects different elements in organizations (i.e., people, data, processes, rules, data, technology, etc.) and streamlines processes and decision-making logic will increase organizational efficiency. When considering any type of enterprise automation, the real challenge is to answer a particular question: What is the role of the specific automation project […]
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What is Business Value?

What is business value? Everyone talks about it, yet it seems to be a very vague and broad concept. Also, what are “business problems”? How do we address those problems and how do you then deliver business value? If we really drill down to standard materials like strategic planning and business model canvas, there are […]
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Business Decisions and Business Rules?

Choosing between Business Decisions and Business Rules? Which one is more important to you? What are the differences between these two and how they are alike? Critical Distinctions between Business Decisions and Business Rules Given the ever more frequent blurring of the lines between day-to-day business communications and what we will call ‘techspeak’, we feel […]
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National Association of Boards of Pharmacy selects FlexRule to increase business agility

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NABP enforces relevant laws with FlexRule to protect the public health NABP is a non-profit association that protects public health by assisting its member boards of pharmacy and offers programs that promote safe pharmacy practices for the benefit of consumers. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy faces many challenges in its mission to ensure […]
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Modeling Business Decision

Why Modeling Business Decision is Important? Business decisions capture the essence of the business operation. day in, day out, business decisions are made on a large scale, like changing price points, to hundreds or even thousands of operational decisions made on a daily basis, like pre-qualifying a new customer. These are repetitive, operational business decisions. […]
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