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Test and Run Excel Decision Table Visually


In the new release of FlexRule Designer (v4.1), we replaced the entire Decision Table screen. The new version of the Decision Table editor now is more user friendly and Importing capabilities are among the important new functions it provides.

What that means is that your Business Analysts can simply use Excel to build the rules and then import them to FlexRule Designer for testing and debugging without writing any code!

Let me show you how. After loading/creating a rule project then add a new Decision Table to your project.


When the Decision Table is added then you open it and you see an empty Decision Table like the one shown below:


Now as you can see we have introduced more functions on both the toolbar and toolbox. Select Import and browse your Excel or other spreadsheet (e.g., open office, Google drive spreadsheet, etc.) file:


This Sheet Selector allows you to browse and select the sheet you want. Select one and press the “OK” button:


And when the importing process is finished, you will have your Decision Model right in your FlexRule Designer, ready for testing, debugging and deployment as part of your rule project.

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