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Manage Online Business Rules


When business rules and decisions are deployed to your environment, sometimes you wonder what the business rules are on specific end points. You need to know the details of the rules that are deriving decisions on the server. In order to do this, you should view the online business logic (i.e., rules, decisions, flows, etc.). There are two ways of doing this:

  • Download the package and view it on your computer
  • Use the built-in web viewer in the FlexRule Workbench

In a new release, FlexRule Server enables you to browse the package, navigate to different sections of the ruleset or decisions, and view the details of the rule.

This allows you to not only view, but also manage your online business rules and logic (i.e., decisions, flows, etc.). It also retains the full history of changes and allows you to pin a specific revision down for execution in the future. Managing online business rules means you can have full control over what and when to execute as well as continuously updating your running logic.

So when you navigate to the packages list, each package will have a ‘Browse’ command:

You will then be redirected to a view that shows the entire hierarchy of the selected package:

Business logic rules viewer browser

You can simply navigate to different sections of the package.

Changing Business Logic On-The-Fly

When a rule file within the package is selected, you can switch to the ‘Viewer’ tab and view the contents of the logic:


For some business logic types, like Decision Table, a simple inline visual editor is provided in addition to the XML editor.

decision table inline editor

We will be adding more visual designer capabilities as we progress. And of course, all of these capabilities can be controlled by the built-in Role-based Access Control. in this way, you have full control of all permissions and functionality.

The next time you are curious about the execution of your business logic (e.g., decisions, business rules, etc.) in your environments (e.g., testing, staging, production, etc.), just browse the package and navigate to the rules to view them. It’s as simple as that!

For more information about how this logic file explorer works please visit http://wiki.flexrule.com/index.php?title=Server:Help/Workbench/Packages/Browser

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