#1 decision-centric automation platform

FlexRule is recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in Information Innovation


Gartner recognises FlexRule’s decision-centric approach as the missing link to provide real business value to organisations.

What is FlexRule?
FlexRule is the #1 Decision Automation platform using a decision-centric approach empowering organizations to increase business agility and enabling superior customer-centric engagements whilst ensures the alignment with business decisions.

Business Process and Workflow Automation

Orchestrate your Business Process Steps, manage long-running workflows and task assignments, and automate the system, services, applications, and human interactions.
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Robotics Process Automation – RPA

Software robots or Bots automate things like data entry and user interface navigation. They cut costs, eliminate keying errors, speed up processes and link applications.
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Ontology of Decision-Centric Approach


Business Rules & Decisions Management

Our advanced Business Rules and Decision Management system allows you to model, execute and deploy a flexible .Net Business Rule Engine with support for JavaScript and REST API.
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Data Integration, Transformation & Analytics

Pull together multiple data sources as a single view without worrying where the actual data is located, then create a predictive model to offer the next best steps.
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Some of Our Customers

  • ... They are great folks to work with and we see ourselves as having a true partner in Pliant. We see no need to look for other vendors in the area of work flow and business rules functionality...

    Steven Askin
    Steven AskinCEO - Team Askin Technologies
  • Our existing rules engine was difficult to manage and extend to meet our growing customer requirements. We looked at several BRE products in the .Net space; none matched FlexRule’s capabilities or value... This is hands-down the best BRMS to-date and Pliant’s product support has been outstanding.

    Joe Loyd
    Joe LoydSystem Architect
  • FlexRule has been a great addition to our software by providing an enterprise class business rule and workflow engine. FlexRule various business rule evaluation engines are easy to use and extend...

    Majd Alkassem
    Majd AlkassemSenior .Net Developer
  • ...Our goal was to reduce delivery time and maintenance effort when building and maintaining custom software solutions. ...The rules language is intuitive and easy to learn; even for “real-world” applications...We’ve never worked with a vendor who responded so quickly to requests and who was so helpful during our implementation...

    Jay Johnson Architect - Denver Public Schools
  • ...Pliant's customer service experience was always above and beyond given we were in the US and Pliant is based out of Melbourne...Their FlexRule product is extremely well documented and truly you couldn't ask for a better partnership in feature requests...

    Josh allen
    Josh allenIT Director at Denver Public Schools
  • ... Pliant have been and continue to be a great partner. [They are] extremely responsive and knowledgeable and helpful regard BRE and process flows. [Their] feedback and assistance has helped us implement the FlexRule product into our platform and we are pleased with the outcome. The FlexRule product is a great product that grows everyday...

    Jason Rosenberg
    Jason RosenbergHealthcare Technologist and Executive
  • ...After comparing the different products on features, documentation, support and price we decided to go with FlexRule... We had excellent support, we always got a swift response to any question very professional. We highly recommend any Company in need for a Business Rules Engine solution to use FlexRule.

    Taner Gedikoğlu
    Taner GedikoğluCertified Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant
  • From many products available in market we have chosen FlexRule from Pliant Framework. This product is simply great!... It gives also good performance and great stability running all kind of rules. In short words FlexRule is product worth is price and people from Pliant Framework are real professionals that I would recommend to work with.

    Maciej Rychter
    Maciej RychterSenior Software Developer / Architect

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Why Choose FlexRule?

Full Stack Platform

You may start simply by using our Business Rule Engine. Sooner or later, you may need the other parts of the equation. With FlexRule, you can manage all of your business logic in one place.

Dedicated support

Not only do we answer your technical questions regarding product features and functionality, but we also help you on the integration of our platform.

Flexible Licensing

We provide a flexible licensing model that makes our business rules engine, process automation and data integration platform affordable for everyone.

FREE Trial

We provide a free trial period for evaluation and Proof of Concept (POC). We also will help you to put together your POC project. Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions.

Model, Execute, Test, Deploy and Monitor your Business Rules, Decisions, Processes and Data logic together to maximize the value you deliver.