Want to improve your
Operational Decisions?

Many companies struggle with infinite and frequent
changes in data, process, rules in regulated environments.

98.5% Cost Reduction

96.7% Time Saving

FlexRule is recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in Information Innovation
FlexRule’s decision-centric approach is the missing link in providing real business value to organisations.
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Traditional approach vs Advanced Decision Management Suite

Traditionally, organisations have a collection of tools such as BRMS, BPM, DMS, RPA to make important decisions, but neither of them are oriented around optimising decisions.

Traditional approach vs Advanced Decision Management Suite

FlexRule’s decision-centric approach reorients this traditional approach to ensure organisations consistently make optimised, customer-centric and situation-aware decisions.

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Success Stories

Advanced Decision Management Suite

NABP enforces relevant laws with FlexRule to protect the public health NABP is a non-profit association that protects public health …

Advanced Decision Management Suite

Dixtior’s banking customers needed to detect money laundering fast! This meant completing the processing of complex data rules across many …

Advanced Decision Management Suite

I-SEC selects FlexRule to help fight Terrorism I-SEC has over 20 years of worldwide experience in aviation security. Today, I-SEC …

Advanced Decision Management Suite

FlexRule is very pleased to announce that Apttus has selected our Process and Decision Automation platform to underpin their SaaS …

Advanced Decision Management Suite

Trōv selects FlexRule to implement their Process and Decision Automation Platform. FlexRule is very pleased to announce that Trōv has …

FlexRule Advanced Decision Management Suite

The powerful, low-code, unified platform that enables you to model, analyse and optimise your operational decisions, rules, workflow, business process, data and analytics, and robotics.


  • Business Rules Management
  • Business Decisions Management
  • Analytics Integration
  • Process Orchestration
  • Long Running Business Transaction
  • Human Tasks Management
  • Robotics & Human Behaviour Mimicking
  • Multiple Techniques for Making Decisions
  • Data Flow, Operations & Transformation
  • Adaptive Control & Champion Challenger