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  • Develop Flexible and Optimised Applications to Deliver Values.

    Don't be afraid of changes and find new opportunities for your application. Actively change and optimize your application to develop customer focused systems. Deploy your product once and keep adapting changes and applying new behaviours until you and your customers are satisfied. Give it a try.

.NET Business Rule Engine and Application Logic Framework

Flexible, Extensible and Dynamic .NET Business Rule Engine that enables changing logic
and rules on-the-fly at runtime with no programming effort, make them dynamic.

The complete solution to develop a customer-focused systems.

Comprehensive and Extensible

Our .Net business rules engine supports all types of rules and logic: procedural, validation, flow, workflow, decision table… it is built upon a multi layered architecture that is designed to be flexible. This allows you to extend the existing behaviour or add your own custom one easily with no programming effort. We do not limit you, we extend your capabilities.


Our business rule engine and application logic framework for .NET is designed to be fast and light weight. We do not compromise on performance and execution speed. It is even faster than if you write your rules and logic in your native programming language.

Testing & Authoring Tools

In our product family we provide a rules and logic authoring tool that empowers non-techie team members and allows them to contribute actively in developing software. Our business rules engine also provide tools for executing and testing rules and logic.

Development Team Benefits

Organizational Benefits

  • Reduce complexity of application code-base and enforce effective use of separation of concerns by using our business rule engine
  • Increase quality of application by allowing to write less code and increase testability by ability to test rules and logic in isolation
  • Using our business rule engine increase reusability of rules and logic within application and across enterprise
  • Improve deployability by packing and protecting rules and logic and enhance security by controlling and sandboxing object-level invocation using our dynamic business rule engine
  • Achieve real business agility by allowing change of application’s behaviour on-the-fly with no code re-compilation in production environment
  • Close gap between technical and nontechnical people by ease of implementation of complex business rules and application logic using more declarative style
  • Increase visibility of business rules and application logic by maintaining IP of your organization outside of application complex code-base and delegate execution to our business rule engines
  • With our business rule engine increase maintainability of application and reduce costs of running your product in long run

Why do you choose us?

Dedicated support

Not only we answer your technical questions regarding the product features and functionalities but also we help you to integrate our business rule engine into your software effectively and easily.
We have extensive technical documentation, Online API and Wiki site.

Evaluation process

We provide a 30-day free licence for evaluation and proof of concept. Download the product and activate it for free and start using it. We are here also to support you during evaluating process to make it smooth and easy for you to decide and choose.

Affordable product

We provide a flexible licensing model that makes our business rules engine affordable for everyone. Please do not hesitate to ask us about different licensing models we provide.

What others say about us

Everyday more people join the ultimate experience.

  • During my tenure as a Software Architect at the New York City government (on a project of issuing street permits for various work natures) which involves large number of business rules, one of my prime responsibility was to evaluate and suggest .NET based business rule engine at an enterprise level. I have evaluated many including Flex Rule and liked the same for its powerful forward chaining Inference Engine (RETE based) & its XML based features.. I was looking at a tool, which not only has a less learning curve but also easy to deploy and maintain for future operations, where in, the Flex Rule won may votes. The rule tester is a neat feature , any non-developer community can test and verify the rules. The POC using Flex Rule won lot of appreciation in our business groups. Our project is modeled using .NET MVC3 , and we marked Flex Rule as a good choice to blend with the overall architectural aspects. The cost effectiveness of Flex Rule for at the level of enterprise Business Rule Engine is very impressive, the API is very easy to learn by mid – senior developers. Flex Rule, indeed a very good choice for those who is looking at the enterprise level business rule engines in .NET world

    Sree Sista
    Sree SistaNYC Transportation Department
  • TATI required a fast and flexible BRE for integration into our Regulatory Information Management System product. Our existing rules engine was difficult to manage and extend to meet our growing customer requirements. We looked at several BRE products in the .Net space; none matched FlexRule’s capabilities or value. The BRE is lightweight and simple to deploy, and the designer enables non-developers to easily create and modify rules with minimal training. This is hands-down the best BRMS to-date and Pliant’s product support has been outstanding.

    Joe Loyd
    Joe LoydTeam Askin Technologies
  • At TriPartum, we needed a rules engine that would be flexible, easy to learn and not impair the performance of our document processing service. We evaluated all the .NET based products on the market but nothing came close to the flexibility and cost-effectiveness that FlexRule was able to provide. Additionally, Pliant Framework really helped us out during our evaluation period.

    Mike Prager
    Mike PragerTechnical Director at Tripartum Ltd
  • Pliant has developed a flexible workflow product that we are using to implement work flow in our product. As one of their first customers we have had a number of issues that the develop team has resolved promptly. They are great folks to work with and we see ourselves as having a true partner in Pliant. We see no need to look for other vendors in the area of work flow and business rules functionality.

    Steven Askin
    Steven AskinTeam Askin Technologies

Make your software flexible to embrace changes easily. Build an adaptive software.

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